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Sight Words




Sight Words: The Future of Flashcards

Helping Children Ages 4 - 8 Learn To Read!

  • Speech Recognition

    For the first time ever, Nuance speech recognition technology is here to help your kids learn to read. A flagging system helps you identify words to review together with your child.

  • Dolch Words List

    300+ "Must Read" words for kids. Includes the entire Dolch Sight Words List, 225 non-nouns and 95 nouns.

  • Powered by Nuance

    The same software that powers business and high-tech medical solutions, Nuance is focused on the most human, natural, and intuitive ways to use your voice to work. And now to learn!

  • Two interactive Modes:

    In Teaching Mode, the word is read aloud by the app and then kids read it back, prompting positive or negative result given by Miko the Monkey. In Reading Mode, sounding of the word is not given.